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Many people regard speeding tickets or traffic violations as a minor nuisance that must be paid off. However, tickets and violations won’t seem as little when they influence your insurance or cause you to lose your license. At the Greher Law Offices, P.C., we work with clients to protect their rights behind the wheel.

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Aggressive Representation

At the Greher Law Offices, P.C., in Newburgh, we work with clients who may be facing penalties under traffic law. Our lawyers will work aggressively for your case. You may not even have to appear in court if you have non-misdemeanor offense — such as speeding or stop sign violations — we will appear on your behalf. Our attorneys will go to court, negotiate your case and advise you of the result. We offer legal representation in a variety of traffic law cases.


The laws surrounding drunk driving are constantly changing, and the penalties are increasing accordingly. We prosecute and defend clients in traffic law cases related to alcohol consumption. Our attorneys have the experience and tenacity to present the facts to you and give you reasonable expectations about the outcome of the case.

The Impact on Your License

Under traffic law, moving violations count as points against your license. Points against your license can raise your insurance, and several tickets can result in the suspension or revocation of your license.

If you had a mandatory license suspension or revocation of license, our attorney can help you get your driving privileges back. If it isn’t possible to get your full license reinstated, we can help you work toward getting a conditional driver’s license to drive to and from work, school and medical appointments.

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